Press kit

Our strictly entrepreneurial approach has remained unchanged since Bain & Company was founded in Boston in 1973. The resulting pragmatic solutions offer a viable route to measurable results.

Our consistent focus on results is mirrored in our remuneration model. Here too Bain & Company has broken new ground, becoming the first company in the industry to link its fees to the success of its projects. By agreeing remuneration components keyed to the results achieved, Bain & Company shares the business risk with its clients.

Consulting in practice
The primary objective of all consultancy work is to bring about a sustained increase in the value of the client company through:

  • New competition and growth strategies,
  • New strategic and technological roadmaps,
  • Organizational and operational improvements,
  • Mergers, acquisitions and the sale of peripheral activities,
  • Comprehensive transformations and turnarounds.

In developing new strategies and ideas to improve the client’s market position, Bain & Company considers the business from the perspective of the senior management or proprietor. This guarantees that the resulting solutions will be viable and tailored to the company’s individual situation. Bain & Company will not support a project that does not lead to achievable, measureable results.

Bain & Company works jointly with its clients to develop new strategies and concepts and provides support in implementing these. From the very beginning, the key decision-makers at the client company are integrated closely with the work of the project team. Openness and direct communication are a matter of course, even if the client may sometimes find the facts uncomfortable.

The consultants at Bain & Company work primarily for the management boards and general managers of large, often global undertakings. Our clients include leaders in their industries as well as companies that find themselves in a critical impasse, along with private equity investors who are able to add value through their involvement. Since our foundation in 1973, Bain & Company has worked for over 4,900 clients in practically every sector.