Fundamentals of Growth

What we do

Growth strategy is core to what we do. We help companies focus on growth in terms of revenue, cash flow and shareholder value—all of which are needed for sustainable, profitable performance. We understand that to grow successfully, a company must first properly define and focus on its "profitable core."

To that end, our overall core growth strategy helps senior managers locate and expand the strongest assets of their businesses. Surprisingly, we've found that most core businesses don't operate at their full potential.

Our teams work with companies to answer such questions as "What are your most differentiated and strategic capabilities?" and "What are your most critical product and service offerings?" Once we've mapped out a core business's true capabilities, we help clients rank new opportunities based on market strength and revenue potential.

Our approach

Achieving growth is a complex and difficult equation. Only a small minority of companies succeed in their attempts at sustained growth, and for three major reasons:

  • First, too many companies leave money on the table in their core businesses, failing to optimize for cost and revenue opportunities―or to seek nearby adjacencies to expand their core.
  • Second, companies selling into mature markets need to expand their horizons. We help them look for new sources of revenues, or adjacencies, by using new distribution channels, customer segments or geographies, and we help companies avoid taking a step too far.
  • Finally, some companies will hit a wall in their traditional business lines and need to renew their core. We help such firms find successful platforms, often within their own businesses, as well as new customer insights and capabilities, to renew their business models.

Our approach to helping clients achieve sustainable, profitable growth is based on the Five Pillars of Sustainable Growth:

  • Build a strong, well-defined core business focused on achieving full potential
  • Create a path to leadership economics
  • Maniacally focus on customer advocacy
  • When the core is at full potential, pursue adjacencies with ruthless discipline
  • Leverage Repeatable Models built from the three design principles